Hello there…

My name is Cassie Black and I’ve been writing for myself and friends and family for several years now. That’s about to change. I’m ready to share my stories with the world though I know it won’t be nearly as simple as I make it sound. I have no idea if an agent or publisher will be willing to read what I write but I’ve finally gathered up the courage to submit my work to the outside world.

My first love—outside my family—is writing. If I entertain just a single person with my tales then I’ll feel as though I accomplished my goal—becoming a storyteller. As I’ll be writing for two different age groups, they’ll be delineated by pen name. Cassandra Black will write Adult Paranormal Romance and Cassie Black will be writing Young Adult Paranormal Fiction. It goes without saying that my hubby is the inspiration behind many of my hero’s characteristics and my extended family's children the inspiration for my young adult characters.

Not all my stories will be inspired by my home life. The majority come from dreams or something I’ve seen or read on the news so in this way I hope to keep all my stories fresh and interesting. Again, welcome to my website and feel free to join my newsletter or follow me on my blog or twitter.

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