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Where do you get your story ideas?

From everywhere, and nowhere. Sometimes they come from dreams, or a headline on the news. Other times I could be staring at a blank page and just start writing. It depends.

Why do you write two genres under two different names?

Well,writing for children and writing for adults are completely different. I don’t want a child to pick up something I’ve written that’s an adult romance by mistake. The slightly different name should help with that. Though I don’t plan on writing erotic romance, neither will I wrote christian closed door romances either.

What prompted you to finally start writing for the public?

I just felt it was time. I’m not getting any younger and I want to at least at the end of my time said I tried to become published. I don’t want to live my life regretting things I’ve not done or tried to do.

Do you have a Facebook or myspace?

I’m in the process of setting up both though they’re not ready yet for public viewing. But  it’s something me and my web mistress will be working on when time and funds are available.

Do you have a merchandise store where people can buy stuff you’ve designed?

I do have a store but it’s empty at the moment. I’ll have to find a designer to come up with some logo’s and other stuff to put on the merchandise. Bear with me... In the meantime my zazzle store is located at: www.zazzle.com/authorcassieblack

Do you accept story ideas from readers?

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I can’t accept story ideas. Sometimes, I will offer contests where a reader can have a character named after them or even name a book but that’s with the advanced knowledge that the reader won’t profit financially from doing so.

Do you have an agent?

Not yet, but I have high hopes that I’ll have one soon. I’ve only submitted two queries as I’m waiting until I have a book or two polished before seriously considering submitting to my top agent choices.

When do you think you’ll submit to a publisher or agent?

I hope to have a submission or two ready before June 1st. We’ll see how the writing and editing go.

Do you have a twitter account?

Yes, I do. It’s www.twitter.com/authorcassie

What interested you about writing in your particular genres?

YA is new for me. After reading the HArry Potter books and the Twilight Saga books I wanted to try my hand at writing it. We’ll see how my attempt turns out. Paranormal Romance has interested me since 1999 when I read my first Christine Feehan book. It’s my first love and what I always end up writing. I don’t think I can write a book that doesn’t have some sort of paranormal element to it.

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